The Korean War is often described as the ‘forgotten war’ in a century that witnessed Australian involvement in two World Wars and a protracted conflict in Vietnam. However, Australia’s contribution to this Cold War conflict was significant: over 17,000 Australians served, 340 were killed, over 1,216 wounded and 29 were prisoners of war.

The conflict produced many notable military events and milestones in Australia’s military history including the battles of Kapyong and Maryang San, the RAAF’s contribution through No. 77 Squadron and the operational support provided by RAN vessels.

Australian veterans of the Korean War are authorised to wear the Republic of Korea War Service Medal. The medal was issued by South Korea in 1950, but only authorised for wear by Australians on 6 April 2017.

Eligible veterans or their families can purchase high quality replicas of the medal from the Military Shop, where they can also obtain advice regarding medal mounting and the order of wear.



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