Anzac Day is not cancelled! It’ll just be different. On behalf of veterans and charities across the country we invite you commemorate Anzac Day in your own special way. You can stand in your homes, driveways and balconies at 6am on Anzac Day and join home-based national dawn services, sleep-out on Anzac Day eve, or take an Anzac Day walk. Whatever you do, do it to share respect for all who serve and make this Anzac Day one to remember. It’s in your hands now.

Get ready for Anzac Day and Share your Day

Below are some things to do to make sure you’re ready for Anzac Day. And don’t forget, whatever you do share it using #diggerstribute #anzacathome #intheirhonour

Colour-In Poppies

Download and colour in poppies – hang one on your front door; stick one on your letter box or colour in lots and plant them in your garden.

Great Teddy Bear Hunt

Great Teddy Bear Walk Hunt – Put your teddy bear in the window or get your kids to colour a military bear and stick it in your window

Share the spirit

Invite your neighbours to be part of this special day

Special Anzac Day Events

A number of veteran charities are supporting activities to help Australians keep the Anzac Spirit alive. Follow the links to find out more about each and how you can be involved.

Anzac Eve Vibes

Join Legacy and John Schumann for a live stream concert from 8pm Friday 24 April. All the great songs and hits. Tune in on Facebook

Anzac Eve Sleepout

Exercise Stone Pillow brings the Australian Community together to raise funds and awareness of homelessness, and the risk of homelessness within the Veteran community. Get more information.

Dawn Services

The National War Memorial will broadcast its service on ABC TV and iView which you can watch from home. Or you can join a charity driveway dawn service from the links below and support veterans. Local radio stations will provide broadcasts to support home-based commemorations.

Driveway at Dawn

As it was announced that the ANZAC commemorations were cancelled due to COVID-19, two veterans, Bill Sowry and Terry James suggested standing in front of the driveways to observe a minute of silence and at the same time, Justin Wilbur offered to light a candle as a tribute to the soldiers.

He created a Facebook group “Aussies and Kiwis for ANZACS” which Ash Louise joined and married up both of their ideas and put forth what we now know as the ‘Driveway at Dawn’ movement, in support of Soldier On.

RSL Light Up The Dawn

At 6am on ANZAC Day, go to the end of your driveway or stand on your balcony and listen to a brief commemorative service. Together – even while apart – we’ll remember those who served and sacrificed. You can sign the pledge to light up the dawn at

Gunfire Breakfast

After your dawn service share a gunfire breakfast with your housemates (maybe not the kids!). It’s a tradition where we toast the fallen with a hot drink with a tot of rum. The traditional breakfast includes:

  • Rum for your coffee and/or tea to toast the fallen
  • Bacon, eggs, sausages or your preferred diet

Anzac Day March – two-by-two

We can still exercise! Take your walk on Saturday and wear a poppy or your medals. Keep your social distance but let’s be social. Thanking a veteran who is out for a walk is also a nice thing to do.


No clubs or pubs to catch up in this year, but we all have phones and many of us have zoom catch ups planned – raise a glass while you play remote two-up and remember with gratitude. If you need to make a two-up kip, try an old ruler and get a couple of 20 cent pieces.

Anzac Tunes from 1pm

Enjoy a day of great tunes online from 1pm on Anzac Day. It’s been 105 years since the Gallipoli landing and we’ve got 105 songs to play. An amazing collaboration between the OZY Youth Choir Honouring Defence Service, Aussies and Kiwis for Anzacs Facebook Group, Throttle Media and Soldier On. Well done all!