Special Note from the Office of Robin Scott MP, Minister for Veterans in Victoria.

18 May 2020

Dear Mr Payne

Thank you for your letter of 7 April 2020 regarding the work of Diggers Tribute in the lead up to ANZAC Day. I thank Diggers Tribute for its work fundraising for ex-service organisations and for its ongoing work to support the welfare of veterans. I have taken the liberty of sharing your correspondence with the Victorian Veterans Council for information.

I am pleased to advise that on 24 April the Victorian Government announced $2.2 million in funding to support veterans in Victoria. This funding has been committed in recognition of the additional challenges faced by veterans and the fundraising pressures faced by ex-service organisations this year. This funding includes $1.5 million for RSL Victoria for the ANZAC Appeal, $650,000 for the Victorian Veterans Council to support welfare projects and $50,000 for Melbourne Legacy. This funding will give extra certainty to veterans and the organisations that support them across the state in this unprecedented situation. A further $100,000 has been committed to RSL Victoria for the Veteran Services Call Centre.

Although ANZAC Day this year looked very different from previous years, Victorians across the state were able to find meaningful ways to participate and pay tribute to those who have served and continue to serve.
Thank you for your continued commitment to the welfare of veterans across Australia. Lest we forget.

Yours sincerely
Robin Scott MP
Minister for Veterans



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