COVID-19 restrictions have put a hold on our Anzac Day traditions. Community dawn services and marches cannot proceed, and our veteran fundraisers are missing from the streets. This is a big blow for all, but for local veteran charities who use Anzac Day fundraising to care for veterans and families in your community, it is devastating.

Military Shop works with thousands of veteran charities every year. This year has been the most challenging and most detrimental year for our fundraising partners, not only due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but because of the continued strain leading in from the 2019 bushfire season. We acutely aware of the challenges facing our community and are in the midst of doing something about it.

To support charities during the COVID-19 response Military Shop will be donating 20% of all sales site wide, including its full range of Anzac products, until Anzac Day 2020.  The funds generated from this campaign will create a funding pool to support local veteran charities.

Further to this, Military shop will be releasing its personal collection of Sands of Gallipoli & In Service of Others limited edition medallions. These medallions will be made available to purchase for the first time, in some cases over 10 years. 100% of the sale of these items will be donated to veteran charities between now and Anzac day 2020.

Funds will be polled and allocated based on the delivery address location of each purchase. At the end of April these funds will be consolidated for distribution to our participating veteran and military charities located in these areas.

Our hope is that these funds will at least supplement the efforts already in play and go part way in closing the fundraising gap created as a result of the pandemic closures.

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