Already for Dawn Service. 105 years ago on that fateful day 16,000 ANZAC’S landed at ANZAC COVE 60,000 fought at Gallipoli 7,594 were never to return home. On this day We should never forget the sacrifice made by so many for their homeland “AUSTRALIA”.
Over the period of 4 years over 416,000 enlisted and 60,000 were killed, they fought on the battlefields of France and Belgium at Villers-Bretonnuex, Ypres, Passchendale, Bullecourt, Amiens and so many towns over that time. We can take solace in knowing that their sacrifice is remembered by so many not only in Australia but also in France and Turkey, as long as their are Australians travelling Europe their memory will live on.
My maternal Grandfather landed at ANZAC on the morning of the 26th with the 14th Battalion of the 4th Brigade. Through a period of 4 years over that time 915 of the battalion were killed and 2,229 were wounded. His best mate was killed at the 2nd battle of Bullecourt as were so many great men and women. Most of all ‘Lest We Forget”



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