Before you step into your front yard for Anzac Day dawn this year, try spending the night camping out in your backyard and help Wounded Heroes Australia raise funds to shelter our homeless veterans.

The “Operation Perseverance” backyard sleep-out is as much about raising awareness of the plight of homeless veterans as it is about getting the funds needed to provide food, shelter and care.

By sleeping rough for one night it is hoped people will get an insight into the physical challenges faced by some of our veterans and their families. There are no exact figures available on homeless veterans in Australia but Census data suggests at least 3,000 are likely to be homeless.  Unofficially, many believe the number will be far greater. Given these people have served our nation, one homeless veteran is too many.

This is the first time Wounded Heroes has held its sleep out on Anzac Day eve and in backyards (usually it is held in October in Brisbane). It is asking people to sleep outside in their yard on a grassed area, providing their own tent, sleeping bag and basic mattress, for the night. In keeping with COVID-19 isolation requirements the sleep outs should be small and participants must maintain appropriate social distancing as appropriate for the household.

To register your sleep out visit Wound Heroes. It costs just per participant and it’s open to all ages. This is another amazing difference that will make Anzac Day one we will never forget.

Photo by Adam Eggleston on Unsplash


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