Graeme Edgerton

We stood so tall in our Uniforms 

To make our country proud

To fight for everyones freedom

Not realy knowing how

That beach where we had landed 

In a land sso fare away

Our lives flashed before us 

As gun fire sounded out that day

Grab your gear ,get off the beach

The Sargent shouted out that way

Go for cover grab that bloke medick are you hear 

But the Diggers are up there watching humble as they are 

On how many people come to gather all from near and fare 

To come and see the sun rise up 

On the day of remembrance you see 

Thats Anzac day a spesial day freedom for you and me 

Written by Graeme Edgerton

( 44 TRANSPORT Devonport 1982 Reserve )

On the 15 th day of April 2020



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